Monday, September 24, 2012


I've started reading through Kay Arthur's Lord, I Want to Know You again as part of my Bible study each morning. Inscribed on the first page of my copy is the date of the last time I read through this book, August 2007. As I'm reading about God's character, and specifically His sovereignty, I can't help but smile at the thoughts and reflections I recorded 5 years ago. How I was struggling with college and my relationship with my parents, how I longed for a dating relationship with the person He had for me, how I struggled with body image.

Looking back, 5 years seems so short. Sure, 5 years from now seems like forever, although time feels like it's getting faster the older I get, but viewing them in hindsight, 5 years are a mere fleeting moment.

I'm overwhelmed this morning with all God has done in 5 years. I not only survived college, I thrived there, and enjoyed every minute of it. I started dating my now husband, got engaged, got married, and have already celebrated a 2 year anniversary! I got a job doing what I love, going on my third year now. We bought a house, we got a cat, I went from 0 cars to 2, I have a great relationship with my family and new extended family, I'm healthier than I've ever been, we have a great church family, friends...and the list can go on and on and on.

Oh praise HIM for His perfect plan and timing, His sovereignty, and His many blessings! And may this strengthen my faith to trust Him for the next 5 years so that when I come again to this book, I can look back and rejoice even more at all He has done.

Praise Him!

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